Virtual Server-VoipTel

Virtual Server-VoipTel safety, energy saving and efficient.
VoipTel-Virtual Server allows you to share the resources of a powerful infrastructure of physical servers and storage installed at the infrastructure of Swisscom Breganzona Datacenter VoipTel is completely redundant and permanently connected to the Internet Big.
Each virtual server is independent, scalable in size and power, and configurable by the customer in full security and complete operational autonomy.
  • Infrastructure locally redundant fault-tolerant system with high availability (HA)
  • 64-bit architecture, dual processor 2.4 Ghz Core 16 to Core
  • No investment in hardware subject to technological obsolescence
  • Maintenance of infrastructure virtualization
  • Virtual Machine Live Motion: Move a Virtual Machine "on the fly" between hosts in a Cluster
  • Load Balancing: manual without overbooking to ensure the best performance
  • Storage Live Motion: allows you to move "hot" portions of the disk (LUN) of the SAN



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VoipTel International SA
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