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VoipTel International SA (hereinafter called VoipTel) undertakes to respects the privacy of whoever visits the website. Whatever information gathered from you shall be used to offer new services, inform casual visitors or customers about new products and improve the quality of its services. All data will be treated according to existing directives of and norms applicable by Swiss law. All information is considered solely for the internal use of VoipTel only, including its branch offices, partners or resellers. This nformation on Privacy aims here to describe the types of information that is gathered at the moment of your visit to our website or the use of our VoIP services and to explain the relevant applications to you.

Personal Data Protection
Personal data shall be protected strictly in respect to the principles foreseen by the Swiss directives for the protection of all personal data, in particular the Federal Norms concerning the protection of personal data. Any information that you decide to give us will be saved on a server. We shall do all our best for all data to be precise, pertinent and complete. This data will be updated by us. We shall save it only for the certain length of time in a secure place to avoid unauthorized access by third parties. You have the right to access and correct your registered data. VoipTel will not divulge nor cede to third parties personal data without your consent.
However, we may share general information with VoipTel partners or third parties for the purpose of a visitor’s profile without divulging the identity of a particular visitor.
You may visit the VoipTel website without supplying your personal data. However, in this case, any further communication with us will be impossible.

What Personal Data is collected?
Your data is collected through a registration form. The data consists of first and last name, email address, country and language. Further, for those using our VoIP services, phone traffic data is also collected. We use the data for the following final means:

  1. Make your visit to our website more pleasant
  2. Send you the appropriate information concerning our products and services
  3. Inform you by email of any special offers or new products which may be of interest to you
  4. Offer the services and client assistance requested by the user
  5. Resolve controversies, possible issues and send out invoices
  6. Compare all available data to ensure the accuracy and the identity of the user

For VoIP services billings of businesses, these are payable through a bank or any another designated form of payment and any necessary billing data shall be transmitted to the supplier of the billing service.
It is to be underlined that all billings informations are sensitive data, used to find out information relating to the utilization of VoIP services by the user. Please ensure all data are stored in a safe place and are not shared.
In order to transmit calls via PSTN and to proceed with the billing of outgoing calls, VoipTel collects data on the traffic. VoipTel deletes the data on the traffic, or renders it anonymous, as soon as the data is no longer considered necessary for communication transmissions or for billing; always by respecting the regulations in force.
To supply the user with VoIP services or other requested services, VoipTel can at times, if necessary, share personal data and phone traffic of the user with its carriers, service suppliers or VoIP partners, and rely on other financial suppliers for payments and services. VoipTel will always request these third parties to adopt the correct technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the user’s personal data and phone traffic data in accordance to regulations in force. Users are informed, in spite of the above mentioned, in the case that a competent designated authority makes a request to VoipTel, or a local VoipTel partner responsible to such authorities, to save the personal data or phone traffic data or to install equipment for the interception of communications, VoipTel or the local partner will supply all the information and assistance necessary to comply to such request.

Should you no longer wish to receive any information from us, you can communicate with us in writing at any time at the following address:
VoipTel International SA
Via San Salvatore 13
6900 Paradiso, Switzerland

If you authorize us to use your personal data for the mentioned means, we may communicate these with any company or organization to which we entrust the responsibility to treat the marketing communications via email or any other form of direct marketing. In such cases, we guarantee that the treatment of your personal data by third parties shall conform to the norms in force regarding the protection of any personal data.

Other personal data collected at the time of your visit to our website
Whenever visiting our website, reading pages or downloading information, our computers automatically save all the information concerning the visit from the computer being used at that time. Such information does not identify a visitor or customer personally but simply informs what computer model is being used and the number of visitors. This information allows VoipTel to improve its website to the advantage of the visitors and making it easier to use. The saved information is the following:

  1. Date and time of accessing our website
  2. Number of and which pages visited during a session on our website and the duration of the visit.
  3. Name of internet dominion (it could be the internet provider, for example, or from your workplace) and the IP address (this is a number given to the computer when surfing online) which allows you to access our website.
  4. Browsers used (for example, Microsoft Explorer or Firefox) and installed operative system of the computer (for example, Windows XP).
  5. Website visited prior to accessing our website (such as Google, if you found us by using a search engine)

Up to what point is VoipTel responsible?
The website may contain links which allow to leave the VoipTel related website and to go to external websites. The website links are not monitored by VoipTel and possibly may use different criteria of privacy protection. The Privacy informative document is applicable solely for personal data made available to our website, thus VoipTel advises the maximum attention to be paid before disclosing personal data online. VoipTel declines any responsibility in relation to external websites.

Utilizing cookies
We may make use of cookies internally on our website.
A cookie is a string of letters and numbers generated by our website and is memorized in your computer whenever you visit our website. The cookie does not gather nor contain personal data and does not expose your computer to any risks concerning protection or viruses.
When you revisit our website, the cookie associates your computer with the information supplied during your first visit or your first time of saving information. In this way we remember you which helps to save time.
Obviously you can continue to visit the website even if you decide to not accept the cookie in your browser. In compensation, the downloading time of the web pages may take more time.

Email address protection
Your email address is solely used to respond to you, unless you have given us permission to use it according to the above conditions.

Can the present document on Privacy Policy and Conditions be modified?
If necessary, VoipTel reserves the right to modify the texts of the Policy informative document. The user shall be informed of the modifications by a publication in Privacy informative document on the website. The user recognizes by the explicit acceptance or the continuous use of the VoIP services by the user it constitutes acceptance of the Privacy informative document.

Do you have any other questions regarding the protection of your privacy?
As a private user, you have the right to access and correct personal data. We request you to send us any specific questions concerning points not raised in the Privacy informative document:
VoipTel International SA
Via San Salvatore 13
6900 Paradiso Switzerland

The original Italian version of the present Privacy informative document may be translated to other languages.
In the event of differences or divergences between the Italian version and any other translated version of the present Privacy informative document, the Italian version is considered correct.



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