Easy-VoipTel is a virtual PBX installed in the private Cloud of VoipTel in Switzerland. Easy-VoipTel implements all the operations of a traditional PBX extending the capabilities and potentialities due to the access to internet. Thanks to Easy-VoipTel it is possible to benefit of a new PBX without having to bear the traditional implementative costs. Easy-VoipTel can be used from landline phones, cordless phones, mobile software, from a PC or Mac, and with a smartphone or tablet. Easy-VoipTel is a secure service of high quality customizable according to customer requirements.




Basic Services

The basic services offered by the remote PBX Easy-VoipTel are: free calls between internal, music on hold, call transfer (with or without hold), three-way conference calls, call groups, ring groups, call forwarding, call - pickup and visualizing calling number.


Additional Services

Standard Voicemail

The standard voicemail for Easy-VoipTel allows one to listen a voice message from the caller when the office is closed for whatever reason. It is also possible to allow the caller to leave a message that will be accessible from one of the extensions (by calling 777) and sent via an email address associated with that extension (required voicemail).
The standard voicemail can be set easily through an intuitive voice menu guidance. Guided by the voice menu the message can be set for:
1. Open (phones ring)
2. Night (the phones do not ring and the caller will hear the following message "Hello, our office is closed. Please leave a message after the tone")
3. Holiday (phones do not ring and the caller will hear the following message "Hello, our office is closed for holiday. Please leave a message after the tone")
Messages can be customized by the user using the menu voice guide, recording the message directly to the telephone.
The menu voice guide is accessible from any device connected to Easy-VoipTel by dialling the number 778. With an additional payment, you can insert a chosen pre-recorded messages in mp3 supplied by the customer or by VoipTel.

Automatic Voicemail

The automatic voicemail implements all the standard functions of the standard voicemail but automates the opening and closing of the offices according to the schedule.

Automatic voicemail plus

The Automatic voicemail plus with manual closures implements all the functions of the automatic voicemail and allows you to manually organize the closure of the office time according to personal needs.

Calls recording

By Calls recording on the system an entire conversation or portions of it can be recorded. Each user can independently start and stop a recording by a specific button on your phone or with the code * 9. The recordings are available for download immediately from the system by FTP connection protected with a password and can be listened to through the PC. The system automatically deletes recordings after one month.

Call Intrusion

Through the additional service Call Intrusion a supervisor is able to monitor calls on your Easy-VoipTel. Users can start a call with the monitoring code * 7 + user number to be monitored. By default, the supervisor will monitor the call in listener mode. Digit 5 will be able to change the mode to whisper (only the caller can hear) or pressing 6 will switch to conference (heard by both parties). Pressing 4 will switch to the listener.

Shared phonebook

The shared phonebook allows you to share all your business contacts and is available directly from the phone and the PC. Maintaining and updating of the phone book is possible through a web interface. The system is protected by a password and can be integrated with application software and / or services of the customer.




Customizing Music on Hold

You can customize the music on hold by sending VoipTel the music of your choice. The supported formats are: mp3, wma and wav.

Customizing phones logo

You can customize the logo on the phone's display with a logo of your choice.
The formats supported are: jpeg, bmp, and png.


Through the Autoresponder you can automatically manage the answers to the lines connected to the system. Through a voice menu the caller will be guided to reach the department or the desired user. You can create autoresponders in several languages and levels and customizing it according to personal needs. The audio files of the voice menu will be provided by the customer, The supported formats are: mp3, wma and wav.

Call Queue

In case the number of people who are calling a line is greater than the number of available phones it is possible to insert the callers in a personalized call queue according to personal needs.

Conference room

With the Conference Room you can arrange a conference call between several people. The Conference Room is accessible from both inside and outside the system and can be connected to one or more national or international phone numbers. Conference room is a password-protected service.

Web control panel

With the web control panel, through a PC, in a simple and functional way the users and lines of Easy-VoipTel service can be monitored. It allows you to perform the traditional telephone operations (transfer with or without notice and call waiting) through the web browser. Web control panel is a password-protected service and highly customizable depending on your needs.




Click to dial

Easy-VoipTel supports integration with software (example: Outlook, Address Book, Management) that allows you to call using a mouse click on your PC.

Speed dial

You can define a series of most frequently used numbers, called speed dialing, to call. Typically the speed dial are of 4 digits.


By using the Voicemail, each user, if not present on location or busy on the phone, can have a voice message delivered by mail.

Video calls

Easy-VoipTel supports video calls on high quality with softphone installed on PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. The software defined is Bria.


Through Easy-VoipTel chat you can chat instantaneously, share files and create chat rooms between all users of the system Easy-VoipTel on the PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. The software defined is Bria.




Presence management

Through Presence Management it is possible monitor punctually and automatically the arrivals and departures of employees. Through a voice menu each system user can register arrival and departure directly from the phone. Each week the manager will receive an updated statement by mail concerning all employee arrivals and departures.

Dynamic Login

Using the Dynamic login you can separate the users systematically. It is a service suitable for businesses in search of solution for managing work teams in highly dynamic environments, without fixed positions. By Dynamic login every user can connect any device on the system through the personal identification.

Emergency automatic deviation

Through the Emergency automatic deviation you can program the Easy-VoipTel and arrange that in the event of a fault (internet line, network devices, etc.), calls to the phone number can be diverted to another number, landline or mobile, chosen by the customer. This function can not be activated on direct numbers.

Automatic system of emergency

Through the Automatic system of emergency you can program the phones and the service Easy-VoipTel so that, in case of faults (internet line, network devices, etc.) phones remain active through an emergency line in order to make and receive calls. Necessary for the system to work are the routers AVM Fritz Box Fon WLAN and traditional phone line.



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