About Us

VoipTel International SA is a telecommunications operator offering communication services at competitive prices to small, medium and large businesses.

Founded in 2008 VoipTel’s target is to provide high quality service at lower prices compared to similar traditional operators. VoipTel’s intends to be an important reference point in the internet telephony market.

VoipTel strong points are based low prices, quality, and support.

Low prices: VoipTel rates are always lower compared to Swisscom and lower compared to Skype. Our rates are always the same at 24/7 in order to offer the best to our customers.

Quality: Thanks to the good relations with many international carriers VoipTel can offer high quality telephone lines in comparison to what traditional phone lines offer.

Support: VoipTel International has very good relations with major market members (electricians and IT integrators). This permits at VoipTel to guarantee an excellent customer service.

Thanks to the excellent support of VoipTel’s Administrative and Commercial departments as well as the technical support of our engineers and our partnerships with the best electricians and IT integrators, VoipTel aims to be one of the major players in the world of internet telephony.

A huge “thank you” goes to all our present and future customers who make this possible.



VoipTel International SA

VoipTel International SA
Via San Salvatore 13
6900 Paradiso
Tel. +41 (0)91 9116601